Keywords = Toxicity
Number of Articles: 3
1. A Challenge between Central Nervous System Infection and Lead Toxicity: Opioid Case Reports from Iran

Volume 44, Issue 2, March 2019, Pages 168-171

Minoosh Shabani; Maryam Nasiri; Zohreh Aminzadeh; Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam

2. Safety Assessment of Mentha mozaffarianii Essential Oil: Acute and Repeated Toxicity Studies

Volume 43, Issue 5, September 2018, Pages 479-486

Dorsa Daneshbakhsh; Jinous Asgarpanah; Parvaneh Najafizadeh; Tayebeh Rastegar; Zahra Mousavi

3. A Narrative Review of Acute Adult Poisoning in Iran

Volume 42, Issue 4, July 2017, Pages 327-346

Samira Alinejad; Nasim Zamani; Mohammad Abdollahi; Omid Mehrpour