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Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is a common enzyme deficiency in the world. It's Prevalence inIranis about 12% in male & about 1% in female. The present study did examine the relation between the development of preeclampsia and G6PD deficiency. It was investigated whether or not the risk of preeclampsia in G6PD deficient women is higher than that in normal pregnant women.A total of 400 pregnant patients with an age range of 20-34 years were selected in the cities ofShirazandJahrom,Iran, They were on 24 weeks inside their first or second pregnancy. There were 4 cases of G6PD deficiency in preeclamtic women compared to two cases in normal pregnant women. (OR=2.02, CI: 0.37-11.02). Although the relation between G6PD deficiency and preeclamsia did not reach statistical significance, the higher incidence of the deficiency in preecclamtic women might suggest that the test for G6PD deficiency might be used as a screening tool for preeclamsia.