Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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Pressure ulcers result from immobility and continuous pressure on an area of body. Besides imposing further restriction of movements and thus creating a vicious circle in the healing process, these ulcers are of significant importance in decreasing the life quality and increasing the costs of treatment in these patients. In this study we compared the outcome of treatment of pressure ulcers with GA-AL-AS (Gallium- Aluminium -Arsenide) & Gal-AL-In-Ph (Gallium- Aluminium- Indium – Phosphate) - diode lasers, on contact, continuous emission mode at an every other day dose of 4-6 J/cm2 for 3 weeks plus conventional treatments of pressure ulcers, with that of conventional treatment alone in two groups of veterans with spinal cord paralysis who reside in Tehran. The study was a triple blind clinical trial conducted among 16 veterans who were randomly divided into case and control groups.The diameter of the ulcers was measured and staged by one person who was unaware of the subjects’ allocation. Digital photographs of the ulcers were initially taken and a combination of conventional treatment (wet dressing, irrigation) with Low Level Laser and conventional treatment alone was performed for the case and control groups respectively. After 3 weeks the subjects were evaluated again and photographed with the same method. The results demonstrated a statistically significant enhancement of the healing process by combination of Low Level Laser with conventional treatments of pressure ulcers.