Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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Background: The prevalence of childhood obesity has risen dramatically in past several decades. Hormonal and genetic factor are rarely the cause of childhood obesity. Because obese children may suffer life long physical and emotional consequences, this imperative to discuss prevention with parents during well- child examinations. The obesity–related cardiovascular and lipid profiles are determined in obese children and adolescents living in Mashahd, Northeast of Iran. Methods: Fifty two obese individuals, with mean age 10.46±1.25 yrs-old and associated body mass index (BMI) over 95 percentile for their age and sex and twenty healthy none obese individuals as control group with mean age 10.68 ±1.33 yrs-old with normal BMI for that age and sex participated in the study. Left ventricular (LV) mass, using Two-D and M-mode echocardiography, blood pressure and lipid profiles (total cholesterol, HDL–LDL and triglycerides) of all participants were obtained. Results: In obese group the mean value of LV-mass was 53.78 ±9.68g, body mass index was 28±3.7 g/m2, total cholesterol was 203.38±30.20 mg/dl, HDL was 49.35±8.9mg/dl, LDL was 127.9±24.32mg/dl and triglycerides was 138±66 mg/dl. In control subjects the mean LV-mass was 25.5±4.8 g and Lipid profiles were in their normal limits. Conclusion: Both the mean of LV-mass and the frequency of dyslipidemia are increased in obese children and adolescents. Therefore, in obese children and adolescents, their evaluation should be considered as a routine approach for the prediction of middle-age-cardiovascular diseases.Iran J Med Sci 2006; 31(2): 87-90. Keywords ● Obesity ● LV-mass ● lipid profiles ● children ● cardiovascular disease