Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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Vitamin D (VIT D) deficiency is determined by serum 25-OH-D. Several studies revealed high prevalence of VIT D deficiency in females of the Asian sunny countries. 162 females referred to Urmia Orthopedic Clinics, with bone and muscle pain with the ages 15 up to 40 yrs participated in the study. The individuals were not pregnant, lactating, with no systemic or neurological diseases during the course of the study. From the serum level of 25-OH-D it was found that 57% were severely VIT D deficient (25-OH-D<10 ng/ml), 25% were mildly VIT D deficient (25-OH-D=10-20 ng/ml) and only 18% were normal (25-OH-D>20 ng/ml). The results of this study revealed that inadequate exposure to sunlight was the main cause of vitamin D deficiency.Iran J Med Sci 2005; 30(2): 88-90. Keywords ● 25-OH-D ● sun light ● female ●Iran