Appendicitis Caused by Metallic Foreign Body in the Appendix

Seyed Abbas Banani


Although uncommon, different kinds of foreign bodies, most of which metallic, have been reported to enter the appendix. The present report describes a case with a metallic foreign body-induced appendicitis, and makes suggestion in regards to the diagnosis and management of the problem. A metallic foreign body was accidentally observed in the right lower quadrant region in an abdominal X-ray taken after blunt trauma in a 6-year-old boy. After 4 months of persistent presence of foreign body not related to trauma, the patient was apparently asymptomatic, and there was a mild to moderate Mc-Burney tenderness. Exploration revealed the presence of an air-rifle buckshot in the proximal part of the appendix causing appendicitis due to luminal obstruction. Histopathologic study of the appendix revealed inflammation and serositis.

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