CIDP and Achalasia: Two manifestations of a Disease or Coincidental Association

H.R. Foroutan, I. Vadiee, A. Nabavizadeh, M. Rafiee, M.H. Imanieh, A. Asadipouya, M. Pirastehfar


Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuroradiculopathy (CIDP) is an immune mediated disorder characterized by progressive developing or relapsing symmetrical motor or sensory symptoms in more than one limb over a period of two months. Achalasia, as a primary esophageal motility disorder, is also characterized by increasing the tone of lower esophageal sphincter, absence or incomplete sphincter relaxation in response to swallowing, loss of esophageal peristalsis and rising intra-esophageal pressure. Herein, a case of CIDP, dysmotility-like symptoms, and achalasia is presented.

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