Validity and Reliability Assessment of the Persian Version of Therapy-Related Symptom Checklist

Ava Mansouri, Rozita Motaghedi, Arash Rashidian, Asieh Ashouri, Mona Kargar, Moluk Hajibabaei, Kheirollah Gholami, Shahla Ansari


Therapy-related symptom checklist for children (TRSC-C) was developed as a symptom assessment tool in children receiving chemotherapy. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the validity and reliability of the Persian version of TRSC-C. This cross-sectional study was conducted in 2013-2014 in Tehran, Iran. TRSC-C was translated using backward-forward approach. The content validity, face validity, and comprehensiveness were investigated based on the opinion of experts. The item content validity index (I-CVI) and scale content validity index (S-CVI) were calculated by the mean approach and inter-rater agreement. The scale was revised based on the comments from a team of five experts, after which it was evaluated by an additional group of four experts. To assess the inter-rater reliability, two raters filled the scale with 29 and 30 patients in the outpatient clinic of Hazrat-e Ali Asghar Hospital. The Cronbach’s alpha was calculated and factor analysis was performed. The scores of content validity were analyzed in Excel. Other statistical analyses were performed using the SPSS software version 20.0. Based on the initial assessment, the S-CVI with less conservative approach was 60% for clarity, 33% for relevancy, and 60% for simplicity. After revising the scale, the S-CVI reached 100%. The comprehensiveness and face validity of the scale were appropriate. The scale was inter-rater reliable and the Cronbach’s alpha was 0.803. Eleven subscales were found in the TRSC-C. It is concluded that the Persian TRSC-C is a valid and reliable tool for measuring children symptoms. Availability of a valid and reliable checklist is a fundamental step in monitoring the symptoms of patients while receiving chemotherapy.


Pediatrics, Medical oncology, Reproducibility of results, Therapy-related symptom checklist

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