Primary Clear Cell Carcinoma with no Diethylstilbestrol Exposure; Case Series

Malihe Hasanzadeh, Amir Hussein Jafarian, Leila Mousavi Seresht


One of the rare neoplasms of cervix uteri and vagina is clear cell carcinoma; mostly in patients with a positive past medical history of intrauterine diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure which reveals the importance of other unknown risk factors of gynecologic neoplasms. 2 Asian women referred to the gynecology-oncology department. The first one came with a complaint of prolonged vaginal discharge and the second one with irregular bleeding. Neither did report a history of DES-exposure. On vaginal examination, it was found that both cases had mass which biopsied for histologic study. They were diagnosed with primary Clear Cell Carcinoma of Vagina in the first case and Cervix uteri in the other one. Both patients underwent cytoreductive surgery soon after diagnosis.


Clear cell adenocarcinoma ● Diethylstilbestrol; Vagina; Cervix uteri

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