Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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Inflammatory endobronchial polyp is a rare disease mostly encountered in asthmatic patients. Chronic airway and foreign material irritation or thermal injury may result in the formation of granulated tissues and become polypoid mass. Herein, we describe a 52-year-old man with severe respiratory distress and infection with 35 years history of smoking. He had an obstructive pattern in his pulmonary function tests and severe bronchiectasis of right lower lobe that responded well to lobectomy with polypectomy. Pathologic examination revealed large endobronchial polyp 9x2 cm obstructing right and left bronchi and right lower lobe bronchiectasis. Such large inflammatory endobronchial polyp has rarely been presented in literature.Iran J Med Sci 2005; 30(1): 45-47. Keywords ● Bronchus ● Endobronchial ● inflammatory polyp