Vol 27, No 1 (2002)

March 2002

Table of Contents

Original Article(s)

Should We Consider another Booster Dose of Measles Vaccine? PDF XML
A.R. Emami Naeini, M.A. Davarpanah, R. Sherkat, I. Karimi, J. Hashemi 1-3
Changing Epidemiology of Esophageal Can-cer in Fars Province, Iran PDF XML
K. Bagheri Lankarani, A. Mowla, F. Asadian, S.Z. Tabei, M.R. Panjeshahin 4-10
Hypercalciuria, Hyperphosphaturia and Growth Retardation in Children with Diabetes Mellitus PDF XML
S. Kashef, Z. Karamizadeh 11-14
Treatment of Postoperative Shivering with Dexamethasone: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial PDF XML
A. Khosravi, M.T. Moinvaziri, M.H. Esmaili, A.R. Farbood, H. Nik-khoo, H. Yarmohammadi 15-17
Plasma Concentrations of Oral Metronidazole in the Early Post-Laparotomy Periods PDF XML
S.A. Banani, H.R. Foroutan, M.R. Panjehshahin 18-21
Role of Nitric Oxide and ATP-Sensitive K+ Channels in Regulation of Basal Blood Flow and Hypercapnic Vasodilatation of Cerebral Blood Vessels in Rabbit PDF XML
H. Najafipour, A. Vakili, M. Yeganeh Hadj Ahmadi, F. Esmaieli 22-29
Rating of Perceived Exertion as an Indicator of Exercise Intensity in Paraplegics PDF XML
F. Okhovatian 30-35

Brief Report(s)

A Model of Bus Drivers’ Diseases: Risk Factors and Bus Accidents PDF XML
G.H. Sadri 39-41

Case Report(s)

A Case of Bilateral Agenesis of the Femur PDF XML
A. Omidi, N. Sharifi, A. Fazel, A. Niazi, M. Gharavian 36-38

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