Volume & Issue: Volume 26, 3-4 - Serial Number 3, December 2001 (73) 
2. Autogenous Osteochondral Transplantation Mosaicplasty (An Animal Study on Sheep)

Pages 95-101

F.M Jaberi; F. Dehghani; N. Tanideh; S. Torabinezhad

5. Immunologic Factors in Acute Rheumatic Fever Compared to Rheumatic Heart Disease

Pages 116-119

M.R. Sabri; D. Zohouri; A. Ghaderi; A. Alavian Ghavanini; J. Kohan Teb; M. Borzouee

8. The Value of ARMS/PCR and RFLP/PCR In Prenatal Diagnostic Accuracy Of -Thalassemia

Pages 133-136

Z. Azizi; S. Delmaghani; M. Zeinali; Z. Moghaddam; S. Zeinali

11. Study of Cytotoxic Activity of Daphne Mucronata Royle Grown in Iran

Pages 146-151

Z. Amirghofran; R. Miri; K. Javidnia; M. Davoodi

Brief Report(s)

12. The Effect of Maternal Age on Childhood Asthma

Pages 152-154

M. Moin; M. Movahedi; M. Tavakol

Case Report(s)

14. Report of Unusual Self-Mutilation in A Paranoid Schizophrenic Patient

Pages 160-163

A. Ghaffari Nejad; F. Pouya

15. Intraventricular Tuberculoma: Report of A Rare Case

Pages 164-166

A. Meshkini; A. Fakhrju; M. Pour Eisa

19. Incontinentia Pigmenti

Pages 178-181

G. Faghihi; F. Iraji

21. Giant Esophageal Leiomyoma with Megaesophagus: A Case Report

Pages 185-187

M.R. Fattahi; A. Izadpanah; P.V. Kumar