Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 4, November 2002 (69) 


1. Phototherapy-induced Hypocalcemia

F. Habibzadeh; Z. Karamizadeh

Original Article(s)

2. Neonatal Tetanus in Southern Iran: Predisposing and Prognostic Factors

Pages 152-155

Sh. Beheshti; A. Khajehdehi; GR. Rezaian; P. Khajehdehi

3. The Study of Cockroach Allergy in Iranian Children with Asthma

Pages 156-160

A. Farhoudi; Z. Pourpak; M. Mesdaghi; Z. Chavoshzadeh; A. Kazemnejad

5. Prevalence of Phototherapy-Induced Hypocalcemia

Pages 166-168

H. Karamifar; N. Pishva; GH. Amirhakimi

8. Use of Colchicine in Reduction or Prevention of Talc-induced Intra-abdominal Adhesion Bands

Pages 176-179

SV. Hosseini; B. Ghasemzadeh; A. Tanideh; H. Yarmohammadi

9. Sodium Valproate-Induced Potentiation of Antiherpetic Effect of Acyclovir

Pages 180-187

A. Moattari; M. Kabiri; MS. Shahrabadi; S. Akbari; N. Iranpoor; M. Motamedifar

Case Report(s)

11. Nasopharyngeal Pentastomiasis (Halzoun): Report of 3 Cases

Pages 191-192

MR. Siavashi; M. Assmar; A. Vatankhah

Letter(s) to the Editor

14. Infant Feeding Pattern and Frequency of Oral Candidiasis

T. Khadivzadeh; S. Ebrahimzadeh