Author = Al-Mariri, Ayman
Number of Articles: 6
2. Inactivation of Gram-Negative Bacteria by Low-Pressure RF Remote Plasma Excited in N2-O2 Mixture and SF6 Gases

Volume 38, Issue 4, October 2013, Pages 334-338

Ayman Al-Mariri; Saker Saloum; Omar Mrad; Ghayath Swied; Bashar Alkhaled

3. Effect of Medium pH on Antibiotic Activity against Syrian Brucella spp. Isolates

Volume 38, Issue 3, September 2013, Pages 248-254

Ayman Al-Mariri; Mazen Safi

5. Antibacterial Activity of Thymus Syriacus Boiss Essential Oil and Its Components against Some Syrian Gram-Negative Bacteria Isolates

Volume 38, June Supplement 2013, January 2013, Pages 180-186

Ayman Al-Mariri; Ghayath Swied; Adnan Oda; Laila Al Hallab

6. In Vitro Antibacterial Effects of Five Volatile Oil Ex-tracts Against Intramacrophage Brucella Abortus 544

Volume 37, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages 119-125

Ayman Al-Mariri; George Saour; Razan Hamou