Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 3, November 2002 (68) 

Original Article(s)

1. Effect of Garlic Extract on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and the Role of Nitric Oxide

Pages 97-100

K Ahmadi-Renani; A. Mahmoodzadeh; AM. Cheraghali; AA. Esfahani

3. In vitro Susceptibility of Fungal Isolates of Keratomycosis to Antiseptic Agents

Pages 106-109

H.R Jahadi Hosseini; Z. Ghaemi; A. Alborzi; MR Panjeshahin; MH. Roozitalab; A. Katbab; H. Khoshniat; H. Movahhedan; M. Nejabat; R. Salouti; B. Oboodi; Badiee Badiee

4. Primary Vesicoureteral Reflux in Children in Southern Iran

Pages 110-113

M. H. Fallahzadeh; F. Ghane; Gh. Hashemi; A. Derakhshan

5. Testicular Patch as Lymphatic Conduit in Canine Hind Limb

Pages 114-116

H. Hodjati; B. Shakeryan; N. Riaz Montazer

7. Prevalence of Postpartum Thyroid Dysfunction in Shiraz

Pages 120-124

N. Noori; M. Yazdani; Gh. Omrani; A. Abbaszadeh

8. Cytokine Gene Polymorphism in BCG Lymphadenopathy

Pages 125-130

E. Kamali-Sarvestani; B. Gharesi-Fard; A. Alborzi

Brief Report(s)

9. Determinants of Age at Natural Menopause in Shiraz

Pages 131-133

SMT Ayatollahi; H Ghaem; SAR Ayatollahi

12. The Enigma of Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type-1 (HTLV-1) Infection in Iran

Pages 139-141

A. Behzad-Behbahani; A. Mafi-Nejad; SZ Tabei; A. Torab

Case Report(s)

16. Disseminated Nocardiosis in an Immunocompromised Child with Unknown Cause

Pages 147-150

Sh Ghasemi; P Golnari; A Chehrei