Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 3, October 2004 (58) 

Original Article(s)

1. Protective Effects of Verapamil Against Hexachlorobutadiene Nephrotoxicity in Rat

Pages 101-104

M.T. Boroushaki; H. Mofidpour; K. Dolati

2. Trichotillomania-Associated Personality Characteristics

Pages 105-108

H. Hagh-Shenas; A. Moradi; G. Dehbozorgi; B. Farashbandi; F. Alishahian

Brief Report(s)

9. Effects of Gymnastic Exercise on the Body Iron Status and Hematologic Profile

Pages 140-141

M. Pouramir; O. Haghshenas; H. Sorkhi

11. Hepatobiliary Cystadenoma with Mesenchy-mal Stroma Mistaken for Common Bile Duct Stone

Pages 145-147

A. H. Mohammad Alizadeh; F. Moradi Moghaddam; A. Hekmatdoost; H. Kalbasi

12. Immune Thrombocytopenia Associated with Hepatitis A Infection in Children

Pages 148-149

S. Hosseinpour Sakha; R. Ghargharechi; R. Sarisoukhabi