Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 3, September 2005 (55) 

Original Article(s)

1. How Much Improvement is Expected in Ocular Lesions of Behçet's Disease Treated with Pulse Cyclophosphamide?

Pages 101-104

F. Davatchi; H. Shams; F. Shahram; A. Nadji; A.R. Jamshidi; C. Chams-Davatchi; M. Akbarian; F. Gharibdoost; M. Akhlaghi; B. Sadeghi Abdollahi; N. Ziaie

4. Frequency of Hypothyroidism in Fanconi Anemia

Pages 115-118

H. Karamifar; M. Shahriari

6. Relationship Between Total and Lipid-bound Serum Sialic Acid and Some Tumor Markers

Pages 124-127

M.T. Goodarzi; M. Shafiei; H. Nomani; A. Shahriarahmadi

7. Ascorbic Acid Improves Vascular Permeability in Experimental-Induced Diabetic Rats

Pages 128-133

M. Khaksari; M. Mahmoodi; K. Shafiee; G.R. Asadi-Karam

Brief Report(s)

9. Investigation of H Pylori Colonization in Adenotonsillectomy Specimens by Means of Rapid Urease (CLO) Test

Pages 138-140

B. Khademi; M.H. Imanieh; B. Gandomi; F. Yeganeh; N. Niknejad

Case Report(s)

10. Splenic Actinomycosis: Unusual Presentation

Pages 141-143

N. Azarpira; B. Ghasemzadeh

11. Granuloma Annulare and Anterior Uveitis

Pages 144-146

M. Rahimi; N. Moinfar

12. CIDP and Achalasia: Two manifestations of a Disease or Coincidental Association

Pages 147-149

H.R. Foroutan; I. Vadiee; A. Nabavizadeh; M. Rafiee; M.H. Imanieh; A. Asadipouya; M. Pirastehfar

Letter(s) to the Editor

13. Letter to Editor

M. Yazdani