Volume & Issue: Volume 41, Issue 6, November 2016 (81) 

Review Article

1. Prevalence of Low Back Pain in Health Care Workers and Comparison with Other Occupational Categories in Iran: A Systematic Review

Pages 467-478

Ramin Mehrdad; Narges Sadat Shams-Hosseini; Sara Aghdaei; Mina Yosefian

Original Article(s)

2. The Effects of Maternal Opium Abuse on Fetal Heart Rate using Non-Stress Test

Pages 479-485

Fatemeh Keikhah; Fahimeh Ghotbizadeh Vahdani; Sahar Latifi

3. Domestic Violence in Methamphetamine Psychotic Users, Psychiatric Inpatients, and Healthy People: A Comparative Study

Pages 486-493

Seyed Mohammad Rasoul Khalkhali; Kiomars Najafi; Reza Ahmadi; Azadeh Yousefnezhad; Azam Hamidi; Masoumeh Ellahi; Ali Amiri; Afsar Montakhabi; Maryam Zavarmousavi

5. Effect of Human Amniotic Membrane on Prevention of Colorectal Anastomosis Leakage in Cases with Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy: An Experimental Animal Study

Pages 501-506

Sam Moslemi; Sajjad Ahmadi Joraghi; Reza Roshanravan; Leila Ghahramani; Mohammad Mohammadianpanah; Masood Hosseinzadeh; Abbas Rezaianzadeh; Ahmed Mohammed Ali Hussein; Neda Najibpour; Seyed Vahid Hosseini

7. Effects of Subcutaneous Injection MnO2 Micro- and Nanoparticles on Blood Glucose Level and Lipid Profile in Rat

Pages 518-524

Zahra Mousavi; Majid Hassanpourezatti; Parvaneh Najafizadeh; Shiva Rezagholian; Mohammad Safi Rhamanifar; Nahid Nosrati

Brief Report(s)

8. Gallic Acid Inhibits Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis in Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cell Line (C121)

Pages 525-530

Zahra Sourani; Batoul Pourgheysari; Pezhman Beshkar; Hedayatollah Shirzad; Moein Shirzad

9. Sleep Pattern, Duration and Quality in Relation with Glycemic Control in People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 531-538

Mohammad Hossein Gozashti; Nazanin Eslami; Mohammad Hadi Radfar; Hamid Pakmanesh

Case Report(s)

10. Bardet-Biedl Syndrome with End Stage Renal Disease

Pages 539-542

Rajendrakumar Parakh; Dhananjaya Matapadi Nairy

12. Complicated Jejunal Diverticulosis: Small Bowel Volvulus with Obstruction

Pages 548-551

Rommel Singh Mohi; Ashish Moudgil; Suresh Kumar Bhatia; Kaushal Seth; Tajinder Kaur

13. Primary Enterolith in a Patient with Intestinal Tuberculosis: A Case Report

Pages 552-556

Mohd. Habib Raza; RafiulImad Finan; Sadik Akhtar; Manzoor Ahmad