Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1, November 2003 (61) 
3. Common Food Allergens in Iranian Children

Pages 17-22

Z. Pourpak; A. Farhoudi; S. Arshi; M. Movahedi; M. Gharegozlou; F. Yazdani; M. Mesdaghi

5. Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Healthy Children from Tehran

Pages 26-28

M. Gharagozlo; V. Khajooe; M. Moin; M. Rezvani

6. Role of IgE Low-Affinity Receptor (CD23) in Pathogenesis of Nasal Polyp

Pages 29-32

F. Eghtedari; A A. Ghaderi; S. Kashef; M. Askari

8. Evaluation of a New Anti-HIV1/2 ELISA–HIV 1/2 REC Diagnostic Kit Based on E. coli Derived Soluble Recombinant Proteins: Ex-perience of an International Study

Pages 37-42

Irina A Nikolaeva; Fereidoun Mahboudi; Alexander Chevalier; Ghader Khalili; Alireza Khadem; Alla V. Somova; Steven Tugume Buguruca; Igor G. Sidorovich

Case Report(s)

9. Biliary Tract Obstruction Due to Fasciola hepatica Managed by ERCP

Pages 43-45

Y. Bafandeh; D. Daghestani; S. Rad

10. Cutaneous Myiasis

Pages 46-47

K. Mostafavizadeh; A.R. Emami Naeini; S. Moradi

11. Primary Pure Testicular Low-Grade Leiomyosarcoma

Pages 48-50

M. Sattary; B. Hazraty; M. Bagche Saraii