Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 2, June 2007 (42) 

Review Article

1. Clinical Review of Mustard Lung

Pages 58-65

Mostafa Ghanei; I. Adibi

Original Article(s)

2. High Tibial Valgus Osteotomy and Functional Outcome

Pages 66-73

Gholam Hossain Shahcheraghi; P. Zarae; M. Javid; B. Mahmoodian

4. Histopathologic Changes of Extraocular Mus-cle Fibers after Injection of Botulinum Toxin

Pages 80-84

A. Attarzadeh; F. Sharifi; S.M. Owji; M. Eghtedari; M.R. Talebnejad

9. Dermatoglyphic Assessment in Down and Klinefelter Syndromes

Pages 105-109

Mohammad Hassanzadeh Nazarabadi; R. Raoofian; R. Abutorabi; H.B. Hosseini

Brief Report(s)

10. Psychometric Evaluation of Patients with Behçet's Disease

Pages 110-113

Afshin Borhani Haghighi; E. Aflaki; H. Haghshenas; S. Savagheb; S. Davoodi

Case Report(s)

12. Primary Hydatidosis of Uterus and Left Fallopian Tube

Pages 118-120

Bahia Namavar Jahromi; A.R. Talei; S.Z. Tabei

13. Unusual Presentation of Iliac Bone Hydatid Cyst

Pages 121-123

Farzad Omidi Kashani; Z. Hagi; M. Mazloumi

14. Charcot-Leyden Crystals in Hodgkin's Lym-phoma

Pages 124-126

M.J. Ashraf; N. Azarpira; B. Khademi

15. Giant Thymolipoma Mimicking Cardiomegaly

Pages 127-128

V. Montazeri; Mohsen Sokouti; A. Fakhrju