Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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Peritoneal adhesions are challenging in abdominal surgery. In spite of different kinds of treatments still no definitive and effective treatment is suggested. To determine the prevention effects of intraperitoneal (ip) methylene blue in post surgical adhesion formation 44 rabbits were randomly divided in two groups of equal number. Group I received an intra peritoneal injection of a 1% suspension of methylene blue diluted with Talc powder, and group II received ip injection of diluted Talc powder. Five months later both rabbits of groups were evaluated for severity of adhesion. The mean scores for adhesions for groups I was 0.9±0.88 which was significantly lower than 3.72±1.32 for group II (p<0.05). It is therefore, concluded that intraperitoneal administration of methylene blue decreases the rate of post surgical adhesion formation in the rabbit.Iran J Med Sci 2006; 31(1): 41-43. Keywords ● Methylene blue ● Talc powder ● adhesion formation ● rabbit