Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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Background: Measles is a contagious respiratory viral infection that accompanied with skin rash. Vaccination against measles has reduced the prevalence of the disease but sporadic measles epidemic still occurred in young people. This study, was carried out for the response evaluation of immunity against measles in Iranian soldiers living in garrisons. Methods: In this study based on the history of measles, contact with measles cases, measles in the family and vaccination, 360 sera samples were obtained from male soldiers living in Tehran during years of 2003-2004 using ELISA method. Results: Whereas, 48.9% and 22.5% of cases were negative for IgG and IgM respectively, 22.5% of the samples were seronegative for both IgG and IgM isotypes. The respective antibody titers of IgG and IgM were 14.45% and 36.56%. Regarding 22.5% negative cases for IgG isotype and 36.67% of positive IgM is indicative of possible latest outbreak. Conclusion: Single vaccination against measles during childhood was not protective and requires booster injections.Iran J Med Sci 2005; 30(2): 80-83. Keywords ● Measles ● IgG ● IgM ● Isotype ● Vaccination