Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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Pulmonary Oncology Clinic, SSK Sureyyapasa Chest and Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Background: Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a highly aggressive tumor. Objective: To evaluate the survival and time to progression of patients with SCLC admitted to a chest disease center in Istanbul, Turkey. Methods: Based on the reports of a pulmonary oncology clinic, data regarding performance status (PS), clinical stage of disease, treatment, time to progression and survival of 67 patients with SCLC diagnosed between 1999 and 2002, were examined. Results: The median survival time of these patients was 10 months (range: 4-21 months).  The median time to progression was 7.2 months; 7.2 months for limited stage and 7.1 for extended stage.  Complete and partial responses with first line chemotherapy were achieved in 19 (28%) and 29 (43%) patients, respectively.  30 patients (45%) received thorax radiotherapy (RT).  Survival in patients who had thoracic RT was significantly longer than others (p=0.018).  26 of all patients (39%) showed progression within 6 months after first line chemotherapy.  19 patients (28%) received second line chemotherapy with complete response achieved in 2 patients. Conclusion: Main factors affecting survival and length of time to progression were PS, stage of disease, and cigarette smoking.  Patients with good PS, limited disease, and less smoking had superior survival times and longer time to progression.