Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

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The significance of immunophenotyping is growing day by day. Itprovides basic information in regard to classification and prognosisof acute leukemia which helps the management of patients. Thisstudy was conducted to Identify CD markers in leukemic patientsadmitted to Tabriz, in northwestern Iran. Immunophenotyping of 60patients with acute leukemia was determined. Patients with acutemyelogenous leukemia (AML) were 42% of M2 type, 23.6% M3,15.7% M4, 13% M1 and 5.7% M5. CD13 and CD33 were the mostprevalent myeloid markers. T-lymphoid markers consisted mainlyof CD7 and its occurrence was mostly in M2 and M4, and least in M3subtypes. The most common lymphoid markers in patients with Tcellacute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) were CD2, CD3, CD7 andin those with B-cell ALL were CD10, CD19 and HLA-DR. The mostprevalent myeloid markers in T-ALL were CD14, CD33 and CD13.�E:�q